Asset Tags & Labels

Asset Tags & Labels

Easily identify and track your valuable equipment throughout your office, warehouse, or facility with Leland Company's asset tags and labels.

Key Features of Our Asset Tage & Labels

  • Customized to Your Specifications: We tailor asset tags to your exact needs.
  • Super-Stick Adhesives: Our tags stay securely in place.
  • Durable Materials: Designed for long-lasting performance.

Types of Asset Tags & Labels

  • Barcode Labels
  • Consecutive Number Labels
  • Inventory Asset Tags
  • Equipment ID Tags
  • Computer Asset Tags
  • Property ID Labels
  • Asset Tags with QR Codes
  • Asset Tags for Cabels

We produce our stickers, decals, and labels in rolls and individual (single) sticker formats. Minimum order quantities vary based on the type of product you require. As a reference, larger format products (over 24 square inches) typically have a minimum order quantity between 25-100 stickers, decals, or labels. Smaller format products typically have a minimum of 250-500 stickers, decals, or labels.