Marine & Scuba Stickers & Decals

We have produced products for the marine and scuba industries for decades. Our stickers and labels are made to withstand snow, rain, ice, UV, and saltwater, which makes it the perfect product for the marine and scuba businesses that we support.


  • Waterproof stickers and decals
  • Marina annual labels and decals
  • Marina consecutive number decals
  • Marina inside window decals
  • Boat and motor labels
  • Maintenance labels
  • Marine equipment labels


  • Fully submersible tank inspection stickers
  • Shop promotional decals

We produce our stickers, decals, and labels in rolls and individual (single) sticker formats. Minimum order quantities vary based on the type of product you require. As a reference, larger format products (over 24 square inches) typically have a minimum order quantity between 25-100 stickers, decals, or labels. Smaller format products typically have a minimum of 250-500 stickers, decals, or labels.